Ready to maximize your HR performance?

Our portfolio of HR Consulting products and services gives you cost effective solutions to improve employee satisfaction, build leadership skills, provide staff with the benefits they need and deserve, and foster longstanding relationships.

Employee Recruiting and Interviewing Services

General recruiting - Do you need additional or temporary HR support staff? Let our HR Consulting staff provide recruiting assistance.

Employee Coaching

You’ve hired great employees and now you want to take them to the next level. We can help employees hone skills, set goals, balance priorities and develop leadership qualities.

Employee Handbooks

You’ve hired the best and the brightest. Now it’s time to make sure they understand company policies and expectations. We can help you develop a standardized employee handbook which gives employees information about the workplace, benefits and company policies. This governing document also lays out the general expectations of the company, including acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

Employee Surveys

A helpful management tool which offers important employee insight. Let us design customized surveys, conduct focus groups and develop additional methods of tapping into information that only your employees can provide.

General HR Consulting Services

Have a need that you don’t see on our list? Contact us. Our HR professionals are experts, creative and prepared to help your business succeed.

HR Power Hour

HR management training sessions on a comprehensive array of key topics including but not limited to:

  • Speed Dating for Employers: How to Get the Most Out of a 30 Minute Interview
  • Management 101: Being Human While Managing Human Beings
  • All in a Day’s Work: Job Description Fundamentals
  • You Say You Wanna Leave Me: The “How” and “Why” of Exit Interviews
  • Benefit Statements: Creating Bang for Your Invisible Bucks

Job Analysis and Job Description Preparation

Job descriptions help ensure that your employees understand their duties and performance expectations. We will work with you to analyze your company’s jobs, and from there develop job descriptions.

Motivation and Training programs

  • From Peer to Boss: Management Fundamentals for New Supervisors. A three-hour course aimed at providing new supervisors with the tools for success.
  • Dealing with Difficult People. One bad apple can, in fact, spoil the whole bunch, or at least spoil the morale of the team. This two-hour course helps team members learn to neutralize the effects of a difficult peer.
  • Effective Teamwork. A three-hour course aimed at teaching employees practical information on how to work better together as a team, how to contribute without dominating, and how to disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Custom Programs. Do you have a need that is not addressed here? Contact us. We can work with you to develop a customized program for your managers and employees.

Rewards Programs

Studies show that employees work harder and enjoy work more when they feel appreciated. We can work with you to develop a recognition and reward program that shows your employees that they add value to your company.

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