Budget cuts? Low performing employees or departments? It happens.

Towne Benefits provides Outplacement Services to employers who find it necessary to terminate or lay off one or more employees. Outplacement Services include the following to assist you and your staff during a challenging period:

  • Aiding the individual in planning the job search
  • Assistance with resume preparation
  • Instruction in interviewing skills
  • Education in practical job-finding methods (e.g. networking, internet, professional associations, temporary agencies, and other job sources
  • Coaching and motivation during the job search

As a neutral third party, Towne Benefits' HR consultants must establish a relationship with the terminated employee. Since this relationship must be based on trust, we do not perform the termination. Our role is to meet with the employee immediately following the job loss, to listen, and help the employee move toward making constructive action as soon as possible.

Outplacement is not an employment service - we do not match employees with jobs or send employees on interviews. The purpose of outplacement service is to equip the employee with tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to conduct a successful job search and to provide periodic coaching to help the employee maintain a positive and productive focus.


Why provide outplacement services to your former employee?

  • Potential to reduce unemployment costs - the sooner the former employees find a new job, the less likely they will file for, or stay on unemployment
  • Morale - Terminations affect not only the terminated employee, but also the employees that remain. Outplacement can reassure employees that you are concerned about their welfare.
  • Limit negative fallout - The sooner your former employee moves on to a new job, the easier the recovery from the trauma of the job loss.


For more information, please contact our HR Specialists.