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Prepare group proposals in minutes! 

TFA Edge won't give you 25 hours in a day, but it will help you make the most of the time you do have. One census will produce multiple quotes with the TFA Edge broker toolkit. And, with the click of a button, will show you plans from other carriers and lower-cost alternatives. What can take hours is easily condensed to mere seconds. 

The best part? TFA Edge is $0 cost to brokers working with TFA Benefits as their General Agency!

Benefits of Using TFA Edge

Group Quoting Tool

Your group clients are counting on you to ensure their plans meet the 9.12% affordability test. Or, if they have less than 50 employees, they'd probably love to save some green while still helping their employees. Either way, TFA Edge will do that math for you and help you help your client determine what will be best for them. Our brokers call this one of the most valuable insurance broker resources. 

Carrier plans and rates included on Edge include Anthem, Sentara Health Plans (Optima), UnitedHealthcare, Delta Dental, Dominion National, Legal Resources, VSP, Allstate and more.

Coworkers tablet

Benefit Comparisons

Choose from several employer contribution strategies and payroll cycles to give each employee their health insurance comparison with actual per pay period cost. Not only does it make you look good, but employees will have an easier time making their decisions during open enrollment. 

Ancillary and Voluntary Quotes

TFA Edge doesn't just produce the health insurance quotes you need for your group clients! It can also provide rates for additional plans such as dental, vision, identity theft, legal resources, basic life insurance, accident, and critical illness coverage. Quickly and easily add on these additional benefits to your proposals and increase both your commissions and your client satisfaction rate.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

How can our CRM help? It will allow you to manage your interactions with current and prospective clients using technology to organize, automate and coordinate sales and marketing. 

  • Organizes your clients in a central database 
  • Allows you to email all clients at once or clients grouped by carrier
  • Notifies you 120 days ahead of group renewals 
  • Is stocked with email templates for the most utilized forms and communication