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Bring Your Benefits to Life With Online Enrollment

Managing employee benefits is time-consuming all year long, not just during open enrollment. Towne Benefits can help. Our online enrollment solutions can save you time, frustration and may be the answer you have been looking for.

At Towne Benefits, we provide our clients the latest technology to simplify and expedite the enrollment and administrative process for free. Our expert Towne Benefits team can present, train and provide ongoing assistance to you and your staff long after open enrollment.

Faster, more accurate, and permanent records are just a few advantages of our Online Enrollment system. 

With our Employee Benefits Website and Online Enrollment system, your employees enroll for all benefit lines with an easy-to-follow electronic process. All benefit selections are permanently maintained, and most enrollment information can be transmitted electronically to each carrier. Your Human Resources department maintains full control of the process through the system’s administrative tools and robust reporting capabilities. 

It’s easy to see why Online Enrollment and HRIS systems are becoming so popular with our clients. 

Stay in Compliance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that your employees receive certain documents when they are hired and each year at open enrollment. To ensure you are in compliance, Towne Benefits automatically includes these forms with every Online Enrollment Website.

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Examples of the Federally Required Documents included in your company's site:

  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 
  • HIPAA Notice 
  • Marketplace Notice 
  • USERRA Notice 
  • Women’s Health & Cancer Rights Act 
  • PPACA Compliant Notice 
  • Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act 

Also included are the Summary of Benefits (SBC), Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), and Medicare Creditable Coverage Notices (MCCN) for each plan type – health, dental, vision, and more.  

What Our Clients are Saying
If we have a question, the enrollment team is just a phone call away.

I absolutely love the Edge System from Towne Benefits! The portal is self-contained and has enabled me to keep employees organized as it relates to their benefits, enrollment, compliance, company documents and so much more! I also love how employees can review their accounts if they need to view or make changes. If we have a question, the enrollment team is just a phone call away to assist. One of my favorite features is the termination process for an employee if they leave the company. Edge transmits the information to all the carriers at the end of the month the employee is terminated. This ensures the company’s invoice for payment is current. What an awesome system to house the benefits information for our employees! 

Constance Savedge
The personal attention we receive during the renewal process and throughout the year is outstanding.

We started using Towne Benefits in 2018 after being less than satisfied with our previous provider. Keeping up with regulations and compliance was always a daunting task, until Towne took over. At renewal time, plans and rates are laid out in an organized way, solid advice is given, and making plan choices is much easier. The personal attention we receive during the renewal process and throughout the year is outstanding. We highly recommend Towne Benefits

Dan Beck
Beck Roofing Corporation