We understand managing employee benefits is time-consuming all year long, not just during open enrollment.

Towne Benefits can help.  Our online enrollment solutions can save you time, frustration and may be the answer you have been looking for.  At Towne Benefits, we provide the latest technology to simplify and expedite the enrollment and administrative process. Best of all, our expert Towne Benefits team can present, train and provide on-going assistance to you and your staff.

Faster, more accurate and permanent records are just a few of the advantages of our Online Enrollment system.

No more handwritten and lost forms! With our Employee Benefits Website and Online Enrollment system, your employees enroll for all benefit lines with one easy electronic form. All benefit selections are permanently maintained, with enrollment information transmitted electronically to each carrier. Your Human Resources department maintains full control of the process through the system’s administrative tools and robust reporting capabilities.

It’s easy to see why Online Enrollment and HRIS systems are becoming so popular with our clients.

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