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Expertise Matters When it Comes to Employee Benefits

Towne Benefits is one of the largest, most successful employee benefits firms in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our size allows us to provide an invaluable array of resources and expertise.

From health, dental and disability insurance, to cafeteria plans, COBRA administration, HRIS software solutions, online enrollment and more, we offer a comprehensive collection of products and services to manage all aspects of employee benefits.

Towne Benefits’ value proposition includes:

  • A commitment to personal, high quality service
  • Premier products and carriers
  • Advanced technologies for benefit administration, payroll and HRIS integration
  • Benefits funding alternatives such as unbundled self-funding, level premium and fully insured group health plans

When it comes to employee benefits, expertise and resources matter.

Services & Coverage
Providing Invaluable Resources and Expertise

Towne Benefits provides Employee Benefit Solutions designed to manage risk, contain costs, attract and retain employees, simplify administration, comply with Federal and state legislation, and enhance your employees’ health and well-being.   

If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. There is nothing simple about employee benefits. They are complex, costly, regulated, and most importantly, highly valued by employees.  

Employees High Fiving
Business Meeting
Software Solutions
As with virtually every aspect of our lives, technology has revolutionized the way we interact and do benefits. Paperwork, such as onboarding or ACA reporting, can now be automated. With the right technology, what used to take hours can be accomplished in minutes, reducing HR time, duplication and simplifying your business procedures.
HR Solutions
Whether you have 2 employees or 2,000, our team of Compliance and Human Resources Specialists can offer your company a wide array of HR Solutions. A customized HR portal for your team, ongoing employer benefits webinars, and the tools you need to keep employees engaged.
Woman Holding Tablet
Dedicated Professionals
Client Service Concierge

The Towne Benefits Client Service Team is the heart of our organization. Our diversified team of experts and their hands-on approach will keep you and your business on track for success not just during renewal but all year long. From compliance experts to payroll specialists, we can always answer any question you may have.