Attention Anthem Members:
New Member ID Cards are Coming!

To streamline and improve the experience, Anthem has given member ID cards a new look and made some changes to the pharmacy information.

Groups scheduled to renew between May and October 1, 2019 will get new member ID cards off their regular renewal. Cards have already started mailing and will continue through the end of March. Members should discard their old cards and start using the new ones right away. As a reminder, members can always get a digital copy of their ID cards from the Anthem Anywhere app.

We also want to remind you that the new cards have new information:

  • Cost-share information will no longer show on cards for PPO and POS plans
  • For HMOs, only 4 copays will show: Office Visit, Specialist Visit, Emergency Room Copay, Urgent Care Copay
  • PCP names will show only for HMO products, which require both PCP and referrals

For members with prescription drug benefits, their ID cards will also reflect these changes:

  • New BIN and PCN numbers: Anthem replaced pharmacy BIN and PCN numbers with new Anthem-owned BIN and PCN numbers. All pharmacies use these numbers for processing prescription drug claims. They’re important in making sure claims get routed and processed correctly.
  • New Pharmacy Member Services number: For added convenience, members will now have access to a new toll-free number staffed by a dedicated team of pharmacy experts. And once members move to IngenioRx, calls to this same number will be answered 24/7, 365 days a year, somembers can get the help they need, no matter what time or day. And of course, members can still get their pharmacy questions answered through the general Member Services number.
  • Mail-order pharmacy number: Anthem removed this number from ID cards so there’s only one number for all pharmacy calls.
  • Pharmacists’ toll-free number: Anthem renamed this number as Help for Pharmacists.

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