At Towne Benefits our mission is to improve benefits with the goal of reducing the cost of coverage. HealthJoy is a mobile app that helps employees make better healthcare decisions by providing guidance for healthcare decisions.   HealthJoy’s use of AI and technology marries seamlessly with our proprietary software, TFA Edge.  The combination of our two technologies stands poised to simplify the healthcare experience and lower costs. 

We live in a world that has changed in large part due to the expansion of technology.  Virtually every aspect of our lives has been positively affected, with the exception of the healthcare, which has been essentially left behind, until now.

Through HealthJoy’s technology, concierge medicine is no longer only for the wealthy.  Now all employees can benefit from unbiased advice and information from real doctors and nurses along with HealthJoy’s AI assistant, Joy.    

Employees will also appreciate the pharmacy tool that shares where their prescription can be filled at the lowest cost or having their EOBs reviewed for accuracy, all at no cost to the employee.  Importantly, employees’ satisfaction with their benefits has diminished over the years as deductibles and Out-of-Pocket expenses have increased. 

With HealthJoy, the cost of a virtual doctor visit can be free to the employee, raising benefit satisfaction levels while potentially lowering the cost of coverage since HealthJoy is a service totally outside the medical utilization through the insurance carrier.

These are only a few of the new, improved services and tools the combination of HealthJoy and Towne Benefits are now able to share with our clients.  We know how important employee benefits are -  as the second largest cost for most employers and the most important benefit offered employees, we’re very happy to bring HealthJoy to our community and be able to truly make a difference.

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