It is heartbreaking to witness the destruction COVID-19 is reaping upon our community and the world. We are saddened by the shuttering of businesses, the furloughs and layoffs that have followed and, most of all, by the loss of life that has and will continue to occur. These are tough times and while we at Towne Benefits can do little to change the course of COVID-19, we feel we can provide assistance to you and your employees to better understand the laws and rules that have changed.

While we are not attorneys and we strongly encourage you to seek legal opinions regarding any furloughs, layoff or other action you may feel are necessary for your business, we do work with many of the best attorneys in our community. We also have contractual relationships with national employment law attorneys who can assist us in providing answers to the very complex questions that we are receiving from our clients.

While the events are tragic and layoffs and furloughs are occurring, there are many employee protection laws of which you need to be aware. An attorney’s opinion regarding your specific circumstances and choice of action could prove invaluable if there is a legal challenge to your decisions.

We hope you are safe and well. In time we will defeat this insidious virus and life will return to normal. Until then, please let us know your questions and concerns. All our employees are 100% mobile and 100% dedicated to working with you today and look forward to better days ahead.


Richard Herzberg

President, Towne Benefits

Filed Under: Benefits Briefs