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April 2022 Employer Newsletter

Norfolk, VA | Tuesday, April 05, 2022 | Posted in Employer News & Webinars

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Anthem Inc.'s Name is Changing

Anthem, Inc., has filed a preliminary proxy statement to change its name. The new name, pending shareholder approval in May, will be Elevance Health. This change will have no impact or changes to their plans, coverage, or level of support. They will continue to do business in many states, including Virginia, as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Click here to learn more.

"Elevance Health is the combination of elevate + advance to convey our commitment to innovation and our pursuit of moving health forward — elevating the importance of whole health and advancing health beyond healthcare for consumers, laddering up to our purpose of improving the health of humanity." - Anthem

Medicare News April Medicare News

It's Never too Early to Start Thinking About Medicare

A New Bill Would Warn People of Late-Enrollment Medicare Fees

What Happens to Your Medicare Plan if You Move?

Preventive Colon Cancer Screenings for Individuals 45 and Older

BCBSNC will cover preventive colorectal cancer screenings for individuals 45 and older with no out-of-pocket costs ahead of new screening guidelines going into effect nationally.

Dropping the screening age from 50 to 45 will allow for earlier colorectal cancer detection. The policy applies to all non-grandfathered Blue Cross NC group plans and self-funded group plans, including the State Health Plan.

  • Effective March 7, 2022, for members of fully-insured individual and group plans
  • Effective April 1, 2022, for members of self-funded group health plans, including State Health Plan members

Learn more about this change here!

HR Insights

April 2022 HR Newsletter

Virginia Repeals COVID-19 Standard

Spending Bill Extends Telehealth Coverage for HDHPs


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