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Don't be Bit by COBRA

COBRA is a federal law that provides for the continuation of health coverage when an employee or qualified beneficiary loses eligibility for the group health plan. COBRA only applies to employers with 20 or more employees. 

Most employers know they need to notify employees and their beneficiaries of their COBRA rights when applicable. But do you know you must also provide an initial COBRA notice when they first join the group health plan? 

Deadlines and regulations surrounding this regulation are complex - and there are substantial penalties for non-compliance. IRS penalties start at $100 per day per employee and move from there to ERISA penalties - then add potential civil suits and DOL audits.

Towne Benefits is here to help you comply! Our complimentary COBRA services include the following: 

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  • Initial Global Rights Notice 
  • COBRA Election Package 
  • Enrollment Upon Election of COBRA Continuation 
  • Addressing Questions and Concerns with Participants 
  • Staying Informed on All Legislative Changes 

Mini-COBRA/State Continuation 

Did you know there are often continuation provisions that apply to employers NOT subject to COBRA? In most states, this is called “mini COBRA” and it’s available to those with fully insured plans.  

Mini-COBRA is a state law that applies to employers not subject to COBRA and the rules differ by state. Our team can assist you in administering mini-COBRA. 

Premium Only Plans (POP) 

A Towne Benefits affiliated company can also assist with Premium Only Plans. POP plans offer a way to reduce the cost of employee benefits by providing substantial tax savings to both the employee and the employer. The plan saves money by converting premiums from an after-tax expense to a pre-tax expense. 

Cafeteria Plans 

Towne Benefits also provides in-house Section 125 Flexible Benefits Administration for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). From installation, implementation and enrollment to reimbursement and compliance services, we provide superior service and support to your company. 

A secure employer and participant portal is provided that allows you to check account balances, file claims, print account statements, verify elections, manage direct deposits and review payments. 

Access Your Flexible Savings Account (FSA) or Health Reimbursement Arangement (HRA) Account Online

  • Check account balance
  • File claims
  • Print account statements
  • Verify elections
  • Manage direct deposits
  • Review payments


What Our Clients are Saying
I had the pleasure of working with Towne Benefits to continue my health insurance through COBRA during the COVID pandemic.

The team is very professional and timely in their responses and information. I can't thank them enough for their helpfulness and kindness during this stressful time. I lost my job due to ongoing health complications from COVID and not knowing if I could afford or continue my insurance was a gigantic source of stress and depression for me, which they helped take off my shoulders. I feel like I can breathe easy again knowing they are there to help me.

Briana McLaren
Towne Benefits has been our benefits broker for over ten years and has consistently provided exemplary service

Towne Benefits has been our benefits broker for over ten years and has consistently provided exemplary service. Their team is caring and professional, going above and beyond to ensure that we have the best benefit offerings available. I highly recommend partnering with them!

Eileen Lowe
Williamsburg Community Chapel