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September 2023 Broker Newsletter

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace (Exchange) Platform - Complete by September 7, 2023

For the creation of your agent account in Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace (Exchange) platform, it is critical that each agent complete and submit the Required Agent Information Form (  no later than 9/7/2023.  Updated contact information is a prerequisite to creating your account and for the automated process that will build your book of business on the Exchange. 

Each agent must have a unique email address (which will serve as your username on the platform) and a unique text-enabled mobile phone number (for authentication purposes) in order to create an account.  The HBE will compile the updated data for agents that have responded by the deadline and provide it to GetInsured for an automated data load that will create accounts and generate notices.  This updated data will also be used to link agents to consumers once the consumer data migration from the FFM is complete in late September (thus creating your books of business).

If you do not complete the form by 5pm on 9/7/2023, you will have to manually build your own book of business once we have manually created your account.  We will provide you instructions on how to do this manual build in the coming weeks.

If you need help completing the form, please reach out to and our staff will assist you. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this essential activity.

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Virginia Insurance Marketplace (VIM) Learning Management System - Complete Training by October 10, 2023 for November 1st VA Exchange

    • Complete agent training through the VIM Learning Management System at
    • FFE-certified agents (at the time of account migration) will be eligible to complete a shorter training program for the plan year 2024 along with Virginia-specific modules.
    • Agents new to the Exchange or who are not currently FFE-certified at the time of account migration will be required to take the full VIM training program for plan year 2024. 
    • Create or claim your LMS account in the VIM LMS after July 28th.
    • To receive certification of training completion, agents must receive a passing score of 80 on the VIM Exam.  Complete training and pass the exam by October 10th for November 1st Exchange Certification.
    • Agents will complete a Virginia Health Benefit Exchange – Agent Agreement upon training completion and attach the signed agreement on the agent’s VIM LMS Account.  Certification is effective only for the existing plan year and will remain active through October 31, 2024.

Click for more info-  VIM FAQs / Welcome FAQs